Our clients use our research work to evaluate programs and make critical decisions that affect future company strategy direction and community beneficiation. We support decision-making at all levels from small to mid-size companies around South Africa, with a special focus on mass employment sectors. We work in partnership with leading economic experts from various universities and with development consulting firm, Akia Consulting.

Company Values

•  Partnering for success
•  Inclusive growth
•  Efficient service
•  Passionate about information sharing

Mission Statement

Bridging the economic divide through sharing and interpreting economic data to assist in creating an inclusive economy.

We use economic tools that enhance our clients’ understanding of the economic world and employ resources both internal and external for better strategic decision making for our clients. We focus on economic development and it’s relationship to public & private investments, projects and policies. We aim to empower clients to better plan and implement actions that are efficient, sustainable, serve to grow jobs, increase incomes, reduce disparities and enhance quality of life.
About Us
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Copyright © 2019 Gred Econ - All rights reserved