Gred Econ evaluates the performance of current economic development programs, the results of past policies, projects, the expected returns from proposed new policies and investment projects. Our subject matter expertise and analytic capabilities span a range of topics including:

▘  Sector Specific Economic Data and Analysis
At Gred Econ, we provide Sector Analysis and industry specific data to empower our clients in navigating changes in the economic and political environment. Sector Analysis also helps our clients to assess how their peers are performing in the industry.

▘  Competitor Analysis and Demand Estimation
We assist our clients by analysing competition and then monitoring competitors on an ongoing basis, so you get to know their behaviour, enabling you to anticipate their actions and stay one step ahead. Furthermore,  we assist in estimating current and future product or service demand.

▘  Community Development Incentives and Finance
Gred Econ works with businesses and communities to identify and apply for a wide array of incentive programs offered by the government and government agencies.

▘  Economic Development Strategy
Communities must continually monitor themselves to assure that they are maximizing their economic development potential from a given tax base. We craft development Strategies that assist role players in creating economic development strategies that focus on business retention and expansion of local economies.

▘  Economic Feasibility and Economic Impact Studies
We have the expertise to complete Feasibility & Economic Impact Studies for private developers and public entities to ascertain the viability of a proposed project, identify impediments, and provide customers with the information needed to make the right choices.

▘  Local Economic Evaluation, Forecasting and Modelling
We have the appropriate economic impact models for specific applications that assess the impact of a specific entity on the surrounding community.
Copyright © 2019 Gred Econ - All rights reserved
Copyright © 2019 Gred Econ - All rights reserved